21 Days Refined Sugar Free Eating!

I cannot believe it’s already December 1st! Just a few more weeks and then it is 2017 – holy cow! Where did the year go? I love sweets and I feel like during this time of the year I gravitate towards more sweets and comfort food than ever. Between the cooler weather, the holidays and reasons to celebrate, my sugar intake spikes. To help me keep on track with healthy eating and not fall into a sugar coma, I’m going to eat refined sugar free for the next 21 days! Who’s with me? Don’t worry, you can still have some dessert at Christmas time! 🙂

It’s surprising how much sugar we consume throughout the day when we aren’t aware. This challenge will force me to read labels even more closely! (I’m looking at you Jiff “Natural” peanut butter with sugar as an ingredient!) In the big picture, high sugar diets can lead to hypertension, hormone imbalance, or diabetes, but even on a small scale, sugar can lead to decreased energy and trouble sleeping at night.

Sugar is addictive and it’s an endless cycle throughout the day that keeps us eating more and more sugar. There are many foods, like fruit, that have natural sugar, and I do not want to give up fruit completely. The only sugar I’m allowing is natural sugar, so fruits, honey, and maple syrup! There are a handful of other natural sweeteners, that you can choose to use as well, but I challenge you to stick with less natural sugars so you don’t rely on these to give you the energy spikes throughout the day.

This means no holiday flavored drinks from Starbucks, no chocolate, and no flavored water but I’m excited to see how my body reacts and how I’m feeling throughout the next 3 weeks!

Already looking forward to a cupcake in 22 days 🙂

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