Welcome to Discovering Good Health!

Discovering good health. What does that mean? It means living life to the fullest potential while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It means enjoying a bowl of ice cream but also knowing you pushed yourself as hard as you could during that morning run.

Discovering good health is not a quick fix, it is a journey that never ends. I am a firm believer in moderation of everything in life, and do not enjoy eliminating types of food, unless for a medical reason. As a 20-something year old, I am learning day by day what works and does not work for me. I currently struggle with daily chronic headaches, which is one of the reasons why I took my health into my own hands. I learned that I needed a better balance between classes and studying and with taking care of myself. I continue to realize new things each day and I hope that I can offer some insight into living healthy. To me, living healthy is more than spending hours in the gym. It means taking care of my mind + body + soul. I enjoy lifting weights, going for runs, practicing yoga, reading and journaling.

I am an aspiring physician, and the human body inspires me on a daily basis. Our body essentially is a machine that works hard 24/7 and provides us the opportunity to live. Coming from a science background, with a degree in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, I strive to make that task a little bit easier by providing myself nutrients that will allow my body to flourish. Whether that’s a quinoa and chicken dish while working overnight, or curling up with a good book and a cup of tea on a relaxing Sunday morning. I invite you to join me in this process, as I cook healthy eats, prioritize my health, and journey to becoming a physician.