Staying Healthy While Traveling – #FitFriday

Happy Friday!! I can’t believe it’s already the weekend, but also already less than a week till Thanksgiving! November is flying by and soon it’s going to be 2017 – ahhh!! So much to do before the New Year, but that’s for another day. Today, I’m sharing my tips on how to stay healthy while traveling for #FitFriday!

I remember the first time I flew without my parents somewhere I was about 8 years old, luckily I had my older siblings with me but when I was about 12 years old, I flew by myself to visit my grandparents. One of the things I remember most about that trip, besides the teary eyes, was the bag of food my mom packed me. I had a big gallon sized bag filled with smaller plastic bags containing sandwich, chips, and bars to keep me full on the flight. I distinctively remember that my mom made this bag of goodies the night before my flight. Ever since then, I have always packed food when flying. And I’m not talking about snacks, I usually bring a full on meal. (Who wants to spend $20 on a meal at the airport? Not me!)

One of the biggest tricks that has helped me while traveling is something I do all the time, plan! I plan which healthy snacks to bring with me, which workout clothes I’ll pack, and which running shoes I’ll bring! I also pre-package my pre-workout and BCAA’s into their own ziplock bags that way I can still train the same way without having to bring the whole tub! One of my favorite perks of traveling somewhere that requires a bigger suitcase is that I get to bring my yoga mat with me. I love the comfort of being able to use my own mat when I’m traveling. It’s like having a piece of my home with me.

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I also like to check out pictures of the gym of the hotel that I’ll be staying at, if their website has them available! That way I can get an idea of the types of workouts I’ll be able to complete while I’m gone. I usually stick with body weight exercises, because even if there is no gym, they can be completed in the hotel room! On the occasion that I do have access to a gym with more equipment, it’s just an added bonus.

Some of the best forms of exercise is not even completed in the gym. If I’m traveling somewhere near a beach, I love going for walks or runs along the water. I also love doing yoga while listening to the waves crash. If I’m not near a beach, I still love going on runs in new places. Running is one of my favorite ways to check out a new area and find spots I want to head too later in the day.


Another way I like to stay healthy is by still finding healthy meals throughout the day. That way when I have dessert every night (because dessert should never be passed up on vacation) I know that I had healthy meals throughout the day. I know my body, and I know that if I eat too much junk and unhealthy food, I’ll feel sick, lazy and have a lack of energy. I’m all about living the balance.

Finally, I like to remind myself that I’m on vacation and that the memories will last longer and that I can get back into the grind of things when I’m home. Sometimes, being able to get to the gym means I have to wake up earlier than the rest of the group. And sometimes, that just simply doesn’t happen on vacation. I don’t beat myself up if I only workout 3 times, heck even 1 time because I know that the gym will always be there but that the time with my loved ones might not be.